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From a simple business card to a complex, multi-component direct mail campaign, our many years of experience make for a simpler and smoother process.

We’re really happy to advise on the best way to achieve the results our clients want, and our litho and digital know-how ensure the most cost-effective end product. In our expert hands, litho print gives you razor sharp images and brilliant colours you would expect. And digital offers an amazing amount of substrates and flexibility.

The technology and the magic we add means that both our litho digital presses produce exceptional results and can also save you a whole load of money. And as for ‘integrated’, we love nothing better than delivering multi-faceted, multi-channel campaigns where every element fits and works with digital and traditional media.


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Why be restricted to traditional formats and sizes when you can think bigger and make a bigger impact with digital? Our wide format printers are capable of producing prints up to 2.2 metres wide and 30 metres long. That’s big.

We can print onto a wide range of substrates too, including plastic, wood, metal and glass. Results are professional and durable, and in most cases suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on the material, we can produce both flat and 3 dimensional shapes, precision cut and printed in full colour. Our digital printers can produce one-off prints¬ or short to medium production runs.

Wide format is ideal for exhibition panels, point of sale, and posters. We can output onto paper, vinyl (including self-adhesive and backlit), banner fabric, cloth and canvas. The inks are light-fast for a minimum of 2 years outside and even longer inside.